Carried Away By Hemingway

Carried Away By Hemingway

My life has been changing fast since getting back home to L.A. Traffic on the 405 has replaced the overpacked tube during a summer heat wave on my “Things I hate most list”, days spent lounging in Hyde Park are now spent tanning on Zuma beach, and now, rather than write about fashion like I did during my beloved internship at Sheerluxe, I now spend my time reading manuscripts for my new work experience at a literary agency.


, Books have always been something that I’ve loved and I must admit I’m a bit of a Classics snob. Something about reading a pretentious novel while sipping on my Starbucks Americano brings a touch of intellectual joy to my fashion-obsessed life.

One thing that really draws me into a book is a heroine that I can either identify with or unabashedly idolize. Thus far, the character that I’ve admired most throughout my prolific reading career has been Brett Ashley from Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises.

Not only does she have the confidence that every woman tries for, but she also has a seductive androgynous style and a certain je ne sais quois that makes her a completely unparalleled character.

In the classic novel, Lady Brett Ashley is completely dramatic, stunning, and complicated. Constantly costumed in the most simplistic of ensembles, her outfits always have an element of masculinity to them. And despite the fact that The Sun Also Rises unfolds in the opulent landscape of a post-WW2 Europe, the class and chic of Lady Ashley is simultaneously timeless and current.

The thing about Brett Ashley that always strikes me is her ability to wear something completely androgynous, but with a distinct and unparalleled femininity. Take this elegant and luxurious Elizabeth and James jumpsuit , for example, which is definitely a piece that I could envision Brett Ashley wearing. Paired with delicate earrings and a low chignon and you’ve achieved the sophisticated chic that initially drew me to the novel.

With Hemingway’s ability to imagine such a stylish character, it would only make sense that his entire lineage would be blessed with an innate chic, unarguably a result of some very good genes.

For instance, Mariel Hemingway’s beauty and grace made her an instant starlet with films such as Woody Allen’s Manhattan to her credit. And for this generation’s fervent fashionistas, Dree Hemingway has become quite the figure on the fashion scene, omnipresent on and even landing a spread in a recent UK Vogue (not to mention numerous other lucrative fashion opportunities with such designers as Givenchy and Halston).

So now that I’m home with a new internship that requires me to spend hours plowing through the works of author hopefuls, significantly cutting into my Vogue time, it’s nice to think that my favourite author’s legacy has also extended into a stylish ingénue. (Perhaps Miss Dree also looks to her grandfather’s stylish characters for inspiration, too?)