Oh Matron

Oh Matron


My BFF is getting married in July 2012. This makes me dance with joy. I love her new other half who is one of those rare ‘buy one get one free’ friends you acquire when a good friend is clever enough to choose a perfect partner who you get along really well with. Such a bonus.

I’m also chuffed to high heaven to be a matron of honour (I love being married myself and get that it makes me a ‘matron’ but bridesmaid does sound much foxier doesn’t it?)

So the BFF is sorted already: after much deliberation she’s found a fabulous dress, is making uber-glamorous bespoke wedding jewellery with Yarwood-White and has gone for Emma Hope shoes. So all that’s left are the matrons’ dresses. Now (fantastically) it’s all about ‘me, me, me’ and the gorgeous Fee who is the other matron, a ravishing, skinny redhead.

As she is a fabulous best friend she’s agreed no peach or brown colours and has promised that they can be fun and pretty - so we’ve got some good times ahead doing the dress shopping. In anticipation I’ve already checked out my favourite: Suzannah.com .

The decision to marry is such a bold and beautiful one. I’m always in awe of people who manage to do it; I have been married for 9 years and still love it (and him, luckily) and remain delighted that we got hitched. So I’m terribly happy for my friend in a deep and sensible way. And I’m terribly happy for me in a lovely shallow way because I get a fabulous new dress.