What to Wear to Wimbledon & Queens Tennis Tournament

What to Wear to Wimbledon & Queens Tennis Tournament

Whether going to watch the matches or simply watching from home, Wimbledon tennis tournament is a highlight of the Summer season and is a sure sign for most that summer has arrived. With international tennis champions and stars descending on London annually for Wimbledeon, it is always great fun to attend and soak up the competitive atmosphere.

When asking the question ‘what do I wear to Wimbledon?’ remember comfort is key, as matches can sometimes end up lasting all afternoon so it’s important you’re happy and comfortable in what you’re wearing. While there is no enforced dress code for those going to Wimbledon, the most important thing when considering what to wear to Wimbledon is the weather.

Although we all hope and pray for sunshine throughout Wimbledon, rain often prevails so thinking practicality is essential.

If the weather’s unreliable, wearing lots of light layers is a good idea as you can take them on or off depending on whether the sun is out.

Take a small umbrella with you that you can fit into a handbag just in case of rain and a warmer cardigan and jacket is advisable in case it’s not as warm as you hoped or if play goes into the evening.

Equally, if it is hot and sunny, clothes made from natural fabrics like cotton and linen in light colours are ideal, as they’ll reflect the heat and keep you cool. Always take a pair of sunglasses with you so you can keep up with the tennis even if the sun is in your eyes, and take sun cream so you don’t end up sore and burnt if you’re sitting with your face in the sun for hours on end. Some sort of hat to shade your face and head from the sun is also a good idea at Wimbledon, though do bear in mind those sitting behind you if considering a particularly large sun hat!

When going to Wimbledon to watch the tennis, it’s more appropriate to wear smart, flat sandals with an outfit than high stilettos as dressing for Wimbledon is much more casual and relaxed than the races or Henley so dress accordingly. Take a cushion to sit on too; you can rent or buy a cushion ay Wimbledon but we recommend taking a seat cushion with you.

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