Time for a Push Present

Georgie Coleridge Cole

Georgie is the Editor of She lives in South West London with her husband (aka the accountant 'TA'), their two young children, Coco and Otto, and their little dog, Mouse.


Favourite Online Shop: (I loathe supermarket shopping), Anna (it's a great edit) and JL (how did we survive without click & collect?!)


Ultimate Comfort Food: Metcalfe's Wasabi Popcorn


Beauty Failsafe: Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser and Bare Minerals Mascara (great volume)


Fashion Wishlist for A/W 14: Whistles gilet (I feel the cold), Saint Laurent scarf (never been one for houndstooth but lately love it in a scarf), Theory leather trousers (because they're slim not skinny) and Sophia Webster ankle boots.


Best thing about London: The best restaurants in the world and family & friends round the corner


I couldn't live without: Diet Coke, a kind man & cuddles with my babies


Guilty Pleasure(s): Eastenders, driving to the gym (it's close) and being in bed by 9pm once a week (though not sure there is anything guilty about that?!)


Who has great style? Carine Roitfield, Dasha Zhukova, Natalie Vodianova, Mira Duma


My iTunes is filled with: London Grammar, Coldplay & lots of jazz


Workout Song: 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams


Best Read: Escape by Carolyn Jessop and French Children Don't Throw Food by Pamela Druckerman


Tipple: Lychee Martini, Amaretto Sour, Gin & Slim, a really good new world Chardonnay, I could go on....


Best-Ever Purchase: My dog, Mouse, and my Burberry trench. Every wardrobe needs one.

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My friend Tona had a wonderful grandfather who told me I could model my feet... the only part of my body I have even been told I could model mind and as you can see from the below, I certainly couldn’t model my hands....

While I might not have the world’s most beautiful hands, I am the proud new owner of a rather beautiful ring: call it a very belated birthday / Christmas / even more belated (yes Coco is one this week!) push present.

After a trip to the mall with my sister in law during our stay in the US last October I had ‘subtly’ dropped into conversation with TA that we might have popped into the odd jewellery store to look at rings... Sadly he didn’t read me like a book and it was only when we got home that I announced how disappointed I was that he hadn’t been more proactive!

So when Holly told me about a new jewellery business, Seventy Seven Diamonds, that had recently been launched by an old contact from Astley Clarke, I was over the moon to see they had a very similar ring to the one I had tried on and even better, in Rose Gold too.

TA wasn’t AS thrilled as I was at my discovery (not sure he has thanked Holly yet!) but even he, pointed out what good value Seventy Seven Diamonds is. Such good value I bought him a 2mm (the thinnest you can find) wedding ring there too but that’s a whole other story...