Time for a Push Present

Time for a Push Present

My friend Tona had a wonderful grandfather who told me I could model my feet... the only part of my body I have even been told I could model mind and as you can see from the below, I certainly couldn’t model my hands....

While I might not have the world’s most beautiful hands, I am the proud new owner of a rather beautiful ring: call it a very belated birthday / Christmas / even more belated (yes Coco is one this week!) push present.

After a trip to the mall with my sister in law during our stay in the US last October I had ‘subtly’ dropped into conversation with TA that we might have popped into the odd jewellery store to look at rings... Sadly he didn’t read me like a book and it was only when we got home that I announced how disappointed I was that he hadn’t been more proactive!

So when Holly told me about a new jewellery business, Seventy Seven Diamonds, that had recently been launched by an old contact from Astley Clarke, I was over the moon to see they had a very similar ring to the one I had tried on and even better, in Rose Gold too.

TA wasn’t AS thrilled as I was at my discovery (not sure he has thanked Holly yet!) but even he, pointed out what good value Seventy Seven Diamonds is. Such good value I bought him a 2mm (the thinnest you can find) wedding ring there too but that’s a whole other story...