Pregnancy Second Time Round

Pregnancy Second Time Round

I’ve been asked by a few mothers I know if pregnancy feels different second time round and it’s a difficult question to answer. Apart from am I bigger (yes, much and constantly hungry) I definitely haven’t felt as sick this time round. Don’t get me wrong, Christmas wasn’t a blast (feeling constantly tired, waking up daily with what I can only describe as the hungover feeling I had during my first trimester with Coco) but there has definitely been less time to dwell on it second time round.

Friend-in-the-know I’m very excited to say is just seven weeks behind me and whilst she breezed through the first trimester of pregnancy number one has suffered with sickness terribly this time. Her first was a boy, mine was a girl so perhaps we're both having the opposite sex (a friend’s maternity nurse I was chatting to the other day swears by this theory)... Then again, I’m sure there are people reading this who had a boy and felt awful and a girl who felt nothing!

As for how fast it goes... ‘It’ll fly by second time round’ everyone says... on the one hand I’m 22 weeks already, on the other I found weeks 20 to 30 such a drag with C and it already feels like I’ve been pregnant forever – not helped by the fact that I found out five days before I was ‘late’.

Ultimately I just haven’t had the time to indulge in being pregnant like I did first time. As brilliant as TA is and generous in giving up his w/e lie ins so I can have extra zzzzs, the two hours on a Saturday I would spend whilst pregnant with Coco, feet up in front of Come Dine With Me before tackling a Saturday night socialising are a thing of the past replaced by the tea, bath and bed routine of a one year old.

And as for the worry... well in my case that certainly doesn’t go away. Whether it’s because you’re more aware of what the complications can be second time round and have heard about more by now or whether it’s because you feel so lucky to have one healthy child and wonder if you deserve another, I don't know... Whatever the answer and probably because like my mother, I have worry in my genetic makeup, I have worried as much as before. Not helped by a bit of a panic at 5-6 weeks or from falling down the stairs and fainting at 10.

I will say that I’m not dreading labour anything like I was with C. In fact, in a bit of a warped way I’m looking forward to it. Don’t get me wrong, the pain is OFF the charts but Mother Nature is clever and it’s also SO incredible that I'm excited to go through it all over again.