British Design at the V&A

I know I shouldn’t say this, let alone think it this year of all years but I’m not that patriotic. I like fish and chips and the Royal family as much as the next person but particularly during this charming wet spell we’re having, the thought of hotfooting it to sunnier climates is more than tempting.
Having said that, at the weekend I engaged in my very British hobby of gallery-going and headed to the V&A to catch their British Design retrospective. You don’t have to be an art nut to enjoy this one at all – from road signs and Laura Ashley to The Sex Pistols and a rather dashing Jaguar E-Type – there is truly something for everyone. At the beginning I passed grandmothers reminiscing about watching the Queen’s coronation, to taking my own trip down memory via television adverts and contemporary fashion. Inspiring and nostalgic from start to finish, my love for Blighty was renewed forthwith.

The new Ballgowns exhibition is also causing a bit of a stir – Alexander McQueen, Roksanda Ilincic and Bruce Oldfield are among the famous gowns to be displayed and I can't wait to gander at the show-stoppers first hand when it opens on Saturday.

Get patriotic amidst this gloomy backdrop (May, really?!) and go and see both.

Book tickets for British Design 1948-2012 here and Ballgowns here