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If one exercise has taken over in 2014 it is barre, with a range of satin-slippered regulars from Alexa Chung to Miranda Kerr regularly posting Instagram shots mid-plié. Taking ballet-based workout to the next level is Paola Di Lanzo, whose boutique Fulham studio is attracting fitness fans keen to feel ‘the burn.’

Opened: February 2014

What Is It? Combining dynamic Pilates with traditional barre moves with a focus on toning the core and glutes, Paola’s Body Barre is an all-over conditioning workout designed to make your heart rate soar.

Where? Rosaline Road, Fulham

Why’s It Different? If you think barre is all swishes and plies, then Paola’s method will prove you wrong - expect a high energy, low impact cardio workout where muscles are pushed to the limit and up to 400 calories are burnt per session.

Who Goes? Fitness fans and fashion editor’s including Vogue’s Calgary Avansino.  

How Is Pilates Involved? With moves similar to those seen on the reformer, expect to use weights, resistance bands and exercise balls to truly stretch those muscles.

What Are The Benefits? Where do we start? From improved flexibility, to increased core strength the benefits are endless; expect toned, lifted and sculpted muscles within a few sessions. In Paola’s own words you will ‘feel the burn’ post workout, but as a mother of three with a better body than most twenty year olds, she's one to listen to, particularly if you're in beach body mode.

Sounds Hard? The class may be intense, but Paola and her team of friendly instructors ensure you have fun throughout. Plus, with numbers staying small (no more than 14 per session), the personalised experience means you get a full workout, with no slacking allowed.  

It’s Not Just Barre: Alongside offering a range of barre classes, including P Body Barre Signature or Burn (not for the faint hearted), the studio also offers yoga, ballet and TRX. Plus, a range of pre and post pregnancy classes for mums-to-be are in the pipeline.

If you fancy a spot of post workout fuel, there is a range of gluten, sugar and dairy free treats on offer including Spirulina Smoothies, cakes from Retreat Café and Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Mylk.

How Do I Get Involved? With all levels and abilities welcome, simply head to, with a months unlimited classes being offered for £40 for any newcomers. 

Visit or email [email protected] for more information.