New In At Zara Kids |

New In At Zara Kids

Whether you’re a mum-to be or already have a brood of your own, Zara is a magnet for utterly adorable miniatures that won’t break the bank.

Their new-in selection caters for babies up to kids of 14 years and is jam packed with on-point pieces like dinky denim dungarees, embellished sweatshirts and tailored harem pants – all of which we’d be happy to have in our own wardrobes as much as that of our little one.

Browse our edit for boys and girls and they’ll be the coolest kids in the playground.  


Long Denim Dungarees, £25.99 | Zara Kids 

Bow Detail Drapey Dress, £25.99 | Zara Kids 

Faded Blue Denim Jacket, £22.99 | Zara Kids 

Mulitcoloured Sequin Sweater, £17.99 | Zara Kids 

Spotted Smock Top, £17.99 | Zara Kids 

Nude Pink Tulle Skirt With Stars, £15.99 | Zara Kids 

Spotty Jeans, £17.99 | Zara Kids 

Grapefruit Yellow Coat, £22.99 | Zara Kids 



Textured Sweater With Zip Shoulder Applique, £17.99 | Zara Kids 

Bluish Striped Skinny Jeans, £12.99 | Zara Kids 

Reversible Printed Jacket, £22.99 | Zara Kids 

Pique Shirt With Pocket, £17.99 | Zara Kids 

Green Shirt With Denim Pocket, £17.99 | Zara Kids 

Hooded Parka With Pockets, £39.99 | Zara Kids 

Knee-pad Sweatpants, £17.99 | Zara Kids 

Leather Desert Boot, £35.99 | Zara Kids 



Denim Dress With Embroidered Hem, £14.99 | Zara Kids 

Pink Drawstring Detail Knit Trousers, £8.99 | Zara Kids 

Mid-Blue Basic Cardigan, £11.99 | Zara Kids 

Mid-blue Drawstring Detail Knit Trousers, £8.99 | Zara Kids 

Grey Marl Basic Cardigan, £11.99 | Zara Kids 

Pleated Dress With Appliqué Bow, £22.99 | Zara Kids 

 Trousers With Lined Waistband, £11.99 | Zara Kids 

Trousers With Pockets, £11.99 | Zara Kids 


Toddler Boy 

Shirt With Button Tab Sleeves, £9.99 | Zara Kids 

Chinos, £14.99 | Zara Kids 

Blue Slip-on Shoes, £17.99 | Zara Kids 

Striped Pocket Sweater, £10.99 | Zara Kids 

Grey Printed Sweatshirt, £8.99 | Zara Kids 

Grey Basic Jeans, £9.99 | Zara Kids 

Sweatshirt With Text Design, £10.99 | Zara Kids 

Velcro Sneaker, £19.99 | Zara Kids 


Toddler Girl

Raincoat With Striped Lining, £22.99 | Zara Kids 

Printed Mary Janes, £15.99 | Zara Kids 

Coral Harem Pants With Appliqué Bow And Pockets, £5.99 | Zara Kids 

Ears Sweater With Face, £15.99 | Zara Kids 


Floral Print Dress, £17.99 | Zara Dress 

Detailed Bomber Jacket, £15.99 | Zara Kids 

Denim Dungarees, £17.99 | Zara Kids 

Roll Sleeve Floral Shirt, £9.99 | Zara Kids