Move Over Kale: 10 Flower Sprouts Recipes |

Move Over Kale: 10 Flower Sprouts Recipes

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From the Cronut to the Ramen Burger, 2014 was a big year for food mashups, and the trend is set to continue into 2015 with a raft of hybrid fruit and vegetables.

First to hit the supermarkets are Flowersprouts (or Kalettes as they’re known Stateside) – a tasty combo of kale and Brussel sprouts. Developed to have a subtler flavour than the aforementioned sprouts, but with a similar texture, they’re nutritious (packed full of Vitamin C, E and B6), tasty and versatile.

Steam them, sautée them, boil them or just eat them raw. We’ve found a roster of recipes to get you started...

Flower Sprouts, £1.50 | Waitrose