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Statement Pink Jewellery

Statement Pink Jewellery

US mega label J.Crew is already high on our list for a sartorial staple but their jewellery collection - containing magpie-worthy bejewelled gems at purse-friendly prices – is more than worth a look too.  

Their current slew of prettily pink, saccharine sweet jewels have designer looks without the price tag and are taking up residence on necklaces, earrings and bracelets, meaning there’s a piece destined to take your outfit from simple to stellar.

Take inspiration from the fashion set with a rosy statement necklace, worn over your trusty Breton or slipped under a crisp white shirt for instant style cred, or opt for rhinestone earrings and celestial-inspired bracelets that start from just £29.50. One thing’s for sure; J.Crew’s a one-stop shop for a glitz-fix.


Crystal Bud Earrings, £32.50 | J.Crew

Crystal Bar Necklace, £110 | J.Crew

Crystal Foliage Collar Necklace, £98 | J.Crew

Crystal Foliage Earrings, £78  | J.Crew

Crystal Honeybee Earrings, £25 | J.Crew

Crystal Tassel Necklace, £49.50 | J.Crew

Dipped Cuff Set, £98 | J.Crew

Posey Cuff Bracelet, £45 | J.Crew

Mini Floral Cluster Bracelet, £58  | J.Crew

Pop Floral Earrings, £32.50 | J.Crew 

Pop Floral Bracelet, £68 | J.Crew

Pop Flower Necklace, £110 | J.Crew


Techtonic Cuff, £98 | J.Crew

Swarovski Crystal Necklace, £128 | J.Crew

Posey Earrings, £29.50 | J.Crew