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Healthy Shake Recipes

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We’re all for a bit of added value and our new BFF, the Nutribullet, offers that in the form of creamy, milky shakes.

Ideal if you’ve recently cut-out dairy or steer clear of it as a general health rule, there’s a plethora of recipes out there that make the most of nut-milk alternatives that are a whole lot healthier to boot and can be whizzed up in seconds using the trusted blitzer.

We’ve rounded up a selection of our favourites here, and if you’re still yet to take the plunge and nab yourself your own, now’s the time to invest because Nutribullet are offering two FREE Superboost Powders (perfect for adding in to shakes post-workout), plus free standard delivery and free 3-year warranty with every purchase. Shake-break, here we come.