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Update Your Workspace

Whether you’ve got a whole room or a tiny corner as your home office, upgrade your working space with John Lewis’ curated collection of desks – the ideal prop to showcase your personal style and individuality.

With a range that cater to every taste (angular oak, slick white and Scandi-inspired) they start from a purse friendly £99 and look chic as well as functional  when topped with everything from fashion and style books to mounted photographs, ornate lamps and carefully selected stationery to create a counter that epitomises organised-cool.

And if nothing else, a well-composed work space is more than enough to encourage you to get through that pile of admin that needs sorting. Well, we live in hope...


Staten 140 Clear Glass Top Desk with Glass Trestles, £245 | John Lewis
Loft Desk, £199 | John Lewis
James Desk, £99 | John Lewis
Treviso Desk, £999 | Matthew Hilton for ercol
Zane Desk, £250 | John Lewis
Airframe Desk, £275 | House by John Lewis
Perry Desk, £399 | John Lewis
Ravenscroft Desk, £499 | John Lewis
ByALEX Desk, £499 | ByALEX
Amelie Desk, £650 | John Lewis
Mira Desk, £799 | Ebbe Gehl for John Lewis
Hickory Desk, £299 | Little Home at John Lewis
Buddy Laptop Desk, £199 | John Lewis
St James Compact Desk, £299 | John Lewis
Why Wood Desk, £799 | Says Who for John Lewis