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Easy Cooking: Microwave Accessories

For whipping up mid-week meals in a flash and injecting some creativity into your 9-5 lunches, kitchen cheats don't get much better than microwaveable containers.

Department store favourite John Lewis have a selection of the best. We’re taken with Lekue’s microwave omelette maker, a genius invention that means you can get your egg quota at the office, the soup-to-go mug for making the most of leftovers and the microwave rice cooker for nailing the tricky-to-cook ingredient every time.  

Pick up one or more of the best below to up your al-desko dining game.

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Microwave Popcorn Maker, £6 | Joie

Cupcake Kit, £21.50 | Lékué

Bread Maker, £19.99 | Lékué

Soup To Go Mug, £5.50 | Sistema

Omelette Maker, £11.19 | Lékué

Lunch Cube Max, £8 | Sistema

Noodles To Go Microwave Bowl, £7.50 | Sistema

Microwave Steamer, £4.20 | Sistema

Microwave Rice Cooker, £9.99 | Sistema