Award-Winning Super Spot Remover |

Award-Winning Super Spot Remover

For tackling troublesome blemishes, it doesn’t get much better than Origins’ Super Spot Remover the InStyle-approved acne-busting treatment that beauty bloggers and vloggers alike are raving about.

A winner in the fashion glossy’s Beauty Buy Awards, the Salicylic Acid drenched gel is easy-to-apply, will help clear spots overnight and help fade the appearance of post-blemish marks once they’re gone. 

Just dab on a dot and its skin-calming caffeine and red algae will reduce redness; while its exfoliating ingredients will help get rid of excess oil and pore-clogging debris for clearer skin in the long-term. Glamorous it may not be, but if it works, who cares?


Super Spot Remover™ Blemish Treatment Gel, £15 | Origins