The Cult Beauty Buy For A Flawless Finish |

The Cult Beauty Buy For A Flawless Finish

A cult favourite, the original Beautyblender is an essential in every makeup artist’s kit and counts actresses Olivia Wilde and Emily Blunt among its celebrity endorsers.

The elliptically-shaped marvel fits perfectly to the contours of your face, allowing you to blend your makeup to perfection and achieve that flawless, air-brushed finish that you see Hollywood heavyweights sporting on the red carpet.

If you’re yet to invest, check out the below offerings and add one to your makeup bag, sharpish. Along with the original, you can now choose from the Pure Sponge (for buffing in moisturiser), the Black Sponge (for more highly pigmented makeup), the Micro Minis (for getting into the nooks and crannies) and the Red Sponge (which extends the life of your makeup). Sorry fiddly fingers and sharp-edged triangular sponges, you’ve officially been usurped…


Pink Beauty Blender, £16 | Beautyblender

Micro Minis, £13.50 | Beautyblender
beauty blender

Pro Black, £16 | Beautyblender
beauty blender

Pure Sponge, £16 | Beautyblender 

Red Carpet Beauty Blender, £16 | Beautyblender