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Elle MacPherson's Top Beauty Buy


Dry body brushing is one of the simplest ways to improve the health and appearance of your body. Not only does it exfoliate, improve circulation and stimulate skin renewal; it’s also an essential weapon in the fight against cellulite, but more often than not doing it on a regular basis can feel like a real chore.

If you’re trying to get your skin in top-notch condition in time for bare-leg weather and bikini season, speed up the process with a cult buy from supermodel Elle MacPherson instead.

Her battery-operated rotating brush is not only faster and more effective than manual brushing (it takes a matter of a few seconds to do each limb), but comes with a firm brush head that’s easy to hold and control – ideal for sensitive skins that can’t handle too much manual exfoliation.

Work it over your entire body once a day to buff away dead skin, stimulate the nervous system, boost lymphatic drainage and help remove toxins from the skin, or use it twice a day on ‘problem areas’ (backs of thighs, we mean you) and you’ll be fully prepped for the beach in no time. Well, if it’s good enough for Elle…

Inspiration credits: Dailymail.co.uk, Anewadditionblog.co.uk