Best SPFs for Your Face

Nothing spells summer like a sprinkling of freckles across bronzed cheekbones, but it’s always important to weigh your desire for just-come-back-from-the-beach skin with the negative effects of sun-exposure.

A good rule of thumb for most skin types is to stave off UV damage with an SPF of at least factor 30. It’s high enough to provide a reliable shield from the powerful rays while also allowing some of that pigment to emerge  disguising blemishes and bestowing that wholesome, healthy glow conducive to a self-esteem boost.

Shop our favorites from the top skincare brands now…


Face Sun Crème SPF50 | Eucerin

How Much Is It? £12

What's It Good For? Fair and sensitive skins.

Why We Love It: It has a three-dimensional superior protection system to prevent premature ageing and sunburn.

Ultra Light Dry Touch Face Fluid SPF15 | Piz Buin

How Much Is It? £12

What's It Good For? Fast absorption and lightweight wear.

Why We Love It: It’s perfect for daily use under your makeup.

Adaptasun Face Cream | Cult Beauty

How Much Is It? £40

What's It Good For? Thorough protection with maximum tanning.

Why We Love It: Thanks to a patented ingredient called Adaptasun, this lotion trains the skin to fortify itself against free radical damage while stimulating the production of melanin for a faster, longer-lasting tan.


Aroma Sun Expert Ultra Protective Anti-Wrinkle Cream SPF50 | Decleor

How Much Is It? £28.50

What's It Good For? Anti-ageing with aromatherapeutic benefits.

Why We Love It: Essential oils of rose and melon extract are combined with sol collagenine complex to reduce fine lines and leave your skin silky smooth and smelling incredible.

Anthelios Comfort Cream SPF30 | La Roche-Posay

How Much Is It? £15.50

What's It Good For? Luxurious, hydrating, and non-greasy coverage.

Why We Love It: It manages to feel rich without making skin congested. Perfect if you tend to get a bit dry in the sun.

Face Protector R | Suqqu

How Much Is It? £35

What's It Good For? Providing a UV force field for your face without leaving a chalky residue.

Why We Love It: Slim-line packaging that’s perfect for your handbag.


Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF50+ | Alpha-H

How Much Is It? £29

What's It Good For? Effective anti-ageing.

Why We Love It: So much more than you’re average moisturiser – this is a 3-in-1 anti-ageing product, wrinkle preventer and collagen saver in one.

Face Anti-Pigmentation SPF50+ | Ultrasun

How Much Is It? £32

What's It Good For? Delicate coverage for ultra sensitive skins.

Why We Love It: It has powerful antioxidants and effective anti-pigmentation ingredients to prevent and counteract damage at the same time.

Eight Hour Cream, Sun Defense for Face | Elizabeth Arden

How Much Is It? £26

What's It Good For? High-level sun protection with skin-nourishing benefits.

Why We Love It: Just like the cult Eight Hour Cream, this moisturising lotion administers a rich beauty boost as it protects.


Super Soin Solaire Facial Sun Care SPF 50+ | Sisley

How Much Is It? £109

What's It Good For? Shielding the milkiest of skins from the sun’s harmful rays.

Why We Love It: It may be expensive but it’s just as good as using a luxe moisturiser. Combining cutting-edge UVA and UVB filters with protective, active ingredients for an all-bases-covered approach – your skin will certainly thank you for it.

Ideal Soleil Face and Body Milk SPF 50 | Vichy

How Much Is It? £19

What's It Good For? Protecting face and décolletage as it can be used on the body, too.

Why We Love it: This milky formula contains a Mexoryl®XL-based photostable, broad spectrum UVA and UVB filtering system, to prevent sun damage without clogging pores.

Oil Free Matte Spf 30 Sunscreen | Dermalogica 

How Much Is It? £39.50

What's It Good For? Preventing breakouts

Why We Love It: This oil-free formula prevents that shiny look and helps reduce inflammation at the same time.

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