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Straw Hats

Straw hats needn’t only be reserved for poolside shading or beach-time fun; invest in a good one and they’ll finish off many a city-appropriate or off-duty weekend outfit. The ultimate style hero, whether your look is bohemian or glamorous, a summer hat can elevate the most straightforward ensemble to something street-style worthy, plus shield you from those harmful rays.
Narrow down the one for you by first deciding on a shape (chic Panama, retro fedora or boho boater), then a shade (classic beige or fashion-forward pink?) and, finally, grosgrain ribbon or no ribbon. We've rounded up the best straw hats to make the selection process that little bit easier...


Andre Straw Hat, £375 | Maison Michel  
Courtney Tulle Trimmed Toyo Trilby, £250 | Eugenia Kim
Straw Hat, £14.99 | H&M
Suki Straw Hat, £190 | Yosuzi
Oceana Coco Straw Panama Hat, £185 | Miguelina
Fedora Hat in Textured Straw, £18 | ASOS
Koh Samui Wide-Brimmed Straw Hat, £365 | Filu Hats
Asiru Straw Hat, £190 | Yosuzi
New Erosion Toquilla Straw Panama Hat, £90 | Sensi Studios 
Straw Hat, £9.99 | H&M
Fedora Hat in Textured Straw, £18 | ASOS
Straw Hat, £7 (was £9.99) | H&M
Fedora Straw, £8 (was £15) | Oasis 
Straw Hat, £9.99 | H&M
Straw Hat, £5 (was £7.99) | H&M

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