SL TV Guide

Monday 17th August 

The Scandalous Lady W 9pm/BBC2

Natalie Dormer (Game of Thrones star) plays out the scandalous life of Lady Worsley, an 18th-century noblewoman. This fact-based drama shows how Worsley risked it all to leave her husband and elope with his best friend, Captain George Bisset. Matters escalate and she soon finds herself at the centre of a very public trial, where the powerful Sir Richard Worsley seeks compensation from her lover. Lady Worsley takes the decision to expose the truth about her marriage and the affair. Also starring Shaun Evans (Endeavour) and Aneurin Barnard (Cilla).

Show Me A Hero 9pm/SkyAtlantic

The first episode of a new mini-series set in 1980s New York sees former police officer and Yonkers city council member Nick Wasicsko finds himself at the heart of a racial controversy. After a federal court rules that low-income homes must be built in the primarily white, middle class suburbs of the city tensions are running high. Based on the 1999 non-fiction book of the same name by New York Times writer Lisa Belkin, starring Oscar Isaac, Alfred Molina and Winona Ryder.