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Pale Pink Walls

Move over grey, there’s a new shade in town and it’s appearing on the walls of the most stylish homes as interior designers everywhere fall for its feminine charms... 

Yes, pale pink shades are big news for 2016 and you can count SL among the fans. Need further proof? Cult paint brand Farrow & Ball have just launched a new dusky pink shade called Peignoir, which is set to knock Elephant’s Breath off its perching post as the cool home owner’s go-to shade. 

Not sure how to work this of-the-moment colour into your home? We’ve called on the experts for tried-and-trusted tips and picked their brains for their favourite pale pink shades...

Pink walls can be tricky to pull off. What rooms does it work best in?
“Pale pink is an obvious choice for playrooms and little girls’ bedrooms, but it’s well worth considering for utility rooms, hallways and bathrooms, too.” – Jane Churchill, Interior Designer, Jane Churchill Interiors

“I love soft pinks in bedrooms to create a soothing and serene environment, but it also works really well in a drawing room.” – Laure Chaudanson, FF&E Manager at Helen Green Design

What other colours does it work with?
“Whites, charcoals, and stone shades. In regards to accessories, pale silver, gold and marble work really well.” – Katrina Phillips, Interior Designer, Katrina Phillips Interiors

“Keep surrounding colours neutral, with lots of wood and other textures to make the room feel warm.” – Jane Churchill

How can you make it look cool and not too sickly sweet?
"To stop things looking too girly, avoid bubblegum tones like peach pink. Don't be afraid to use different tones of pink in the same room, and remember that layering pink-toned patterns can also look really effective," – Nicole Salvesen, Co-Founder, Salvesen Graham

“A touch of charcoal or nearly black always dignifies and grounds a space. Just use a touch along with the pink. Also airy light stone colours work well to break up the feminine shade. Pink looks great with another current trend, Crittal windows or room dividers.” – Katrina Phillips

What kind of soft furnishings does it work well with?
“Sofas are brilliant in pink but if this is too bold, pick a neutrally toned sofa – either darker or lighter than your walls – and add a collection of pink cushions in various sizes and tones for a burst of feminine glamour.” – Laure Chaudanson

“Ethnic prints and textured fabrics in black and white work well with pink, as do very dark linens and Berber rugs.”– Katrina Phillips

“Complementary texture linens and accents of bronze look great with pink, as do patterned fabrics in peach and pink to make the most of the theme of the room.” – Lucy Clark, Co-Founder, Olive Design Studio



Dead Salmon, from £22 | Farrow & Ball 

Middleton Pink, from £22 | Farrow & Ball

Dimity, from £22 | Farrow & Ball

Light Peachblossom, from £19.25 | Little Greene 

Pink Slip, from £19.25 | Little Greene 

Peignoir, from £22 | Farrow & Ball 

Plaster II, from £42 | Paint Library

Rose Mallow, from £21 | Fired Earth 

Setting Plaster, from £22 | Farrow & Ball 
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