The Chic Way To Create A Second Wardrobe Space |

The Chic Way To Create A Second Wardrobe Space


If, like us, your wardrobe is slowly spilling out in to your bedroom, look to Etsy’s clothing racks for the solution. Not only do they create much-needed extra closet space, they’re an ideal way to showcase your coolest shoes, coats, accessories and more to stylish effect. Most impressive of all, they start at a penny-pinching £62, making them an all-round winner in the budget and storage stakes. Tempted? Just take note of these dos and don’ts…


  • Colour co-ordinate – choose a palette and stick to it for a cohesive look; monochrome, grey shades or blushes work well together.
  • Use it for accessories – hats in particular work well, as they’re often tricky to store and won’t get squashed.
  • Showcase your shoes – just make sure they’re in good condition, whether they’re Stan Smiths or Gianvito Rossis. 
  • Be selective about what you put on there – choose one item from each main clothing category e.g. T-shirt, blouse, skirt, dress, and don’t overload that rail. Think of it as a curated edit of your wider wardrobe. 


  • Use it as a dumping ground – these racks are fully exposed, meaning only your finest wares should be on display. 
  • Hang items with high street hangers – invest in some cool wire ones instead.
  • Fill it with coats – they may be a go-to item, but they’re frequently bulky and won’t create the right effect.
  • Assume everything you put out has to be designer  – incorporate some of your favourite high street pieces or best vintage finds, too.


Hanging Clothing Rack, £93.08 | George & Willy

Copper Pipe Clothing Rail, £99 | Little Dear Etsy

Copper Pipe Ladder, £62 | Little Dear Etsy

Brass Hanging Clothes Rack, £63.29 | Avelere Design

Clothes Rail With Wooden Top Shelf, £130 | ZiitoUK

Handmade, Natural Wood, Clothes Rail With Shelf, £70 | Pobi Shop

Wood Low Shelf Clothes Rail, £130 | ZiitoUk

Wooden Floating Hanging Clothes Rack, £63.29 | Avelere Design

Handmade, Natural Wood, Clothes Rail With 3 Shelves, £120 | Pobi Shop

Brushed Hanging Clothes Rack £63.29 | Avelere Design

Industrial Clothing Rack, £127.37 | George And Willy

Swing Clothes Rail Clothes Rack, £74 | ZiitoUk


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