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36 Fitness Essentials For Gym Bunnies

Whether you’re a yoga bunny, gym addict or into your Pilates, there's a host of fitness accessories that can switch up your fitness game and inspire you to work smarter. From fitness trackers to yoga mats, John Lewis has you covered...

Best For The Gym

Addicted to Class Pass? Look no further – whether you’re on the hunt for a heart rate monitor, new gym bag or simply kitting out your at-home gym, look to their resistance bands, Bluetooth headphones and funky fitness mats that will help you sweat in style.

6mm Fitness Mat, £29.99 | Adidas

Fitness Activity Watch With Heart Rate Monitor, £129.97 | TomTom

Digital Skipping Rope, £14 | John Lewis

Balance Board, £20 | John Lewis

Hand Weights, from £3 | John Lewis

Push Up Grips, £15 | John Lewis

Hook & Jab Pads, £29.99 | Reebok

Resistance Band, £8 | John Lewis

Recovery Ball, £18.99 | Nike

Dumbbell Set, £39.99 | Reebok

Ab Roller, £14 | John Lewis

Recovery 13” Foam Roller, £27.99 | Nike


Best For Pilates

For a stronger core and long, lean muscles, Pilates has your back. While reformer classes can be expensive, we’re favouring at-home sessions for all the body benefits. Arm yourself with a Swiss ball and resistance bands and you’re good to tone.

Pressure Massage Roller, £17.49 | Gaiam

Beginners Pilates Kit, £26.49 | Gaiam

Restore Hot & Cold Therapy Kit, £17.49 | Gaiam

Restore Strength & Flexibility Kit, £17.49 | Gaiam

Pilates Toning Ring, £23.99 | Gaiam

Restore Compact Foam Roller, £21.99 | Gaiam

Restore Strong Core & Back Kit, £8 | Gaiam

Swiss Fitness Ball & Pump, £16.99 | Yoga-Mad

Pilates CorePlus Reformer Kit, £34.99 | Gaiam

Small Massage Ball, £12 | Manuka

Ballarina Barre Toesox, £13.99 | Yoga-Mad

Trigger Point Massage Ball Set, £7.99 | Yoga-Mad


Best For Yoga

Perfect your downward dog with a state-of-the-art mat and nail that locus pose with the help of a handy block. If hot yoga’s your thing, get a grip with a non-slip towel to see you through your class like a Bikram pro.

6” Cotton Yoga Strap, £11.99 | Gaiam

Breath 5mm Yoga Mat, £33.49 | Gaiam

Restore Hand Therapy Kit, £10 | Gaiam

Life Eco Yoga Block, £12 | Manuka

No-Slip Yoga Towel, £41.99 | Gaiam

Super Grippy Yoga Gloves, £6.99 | Gaiam

No-Slip Yoga Sock, £13.99 | Gaiam

3mm Yoga Mat, £23 | Nike

Yoga Beginners Kit, £34.99 | Gaiam

Foot Roller, £11.99 | Yoga-Mad

Yoga Beginners Kit, £34.99 | Gaiam

Life Mini Massage Foam Roller, £12 | Manuka

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