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Why Almond Milk Might Not Be That Good For You

If you always order an almond milk latte, have your granola with hemp milk or blend coconut milk smoothies, you’ll want to pay attention. While ditching cows’ milk in favour of plant-based alternatives has plenty of health benefits – especially if you’re lactose intolerant – you could be missing this one vital nutrient.

New findings published in the British Journal of Nutrition revealed that consumers of milk alternatives may be at risk of iodine deficiency. Iodine is a dietary mineral required to make thyroid hormones, and is particularly important during pregnancy as it’s essential for normal foetal brain development.

Cows’ milk and dairy products are one of the main sources of both calcium and iodine in the UK diet – but while many milk alternatives are enriched with calcium, the same cannot be said for iodine.

Researchers at the University of Surrey examined the iodine content of 47 vegan milks (including almond, soya, coconut, oat, rice, hazelnut and hemp) and discovered that they only contained around 2% of the iodine found in cows’ milk.

On a Similar Note

Dr Sarah Bath, registered dietitian and lecturer at the University of Surrey, is urging those who avoid cows’ milk to keep an eye on their iodine intake. “Consumers need to ensure that they have iodine from other dietary sources, where possible,” she said. “Good dairy-free iodine sources include white fish, eggs, nuts and bread – a full list can be found in the British Dietetic Association Iodine Food Fact Sheet.”

She also added that people taking iodine supplements should avoid those made from kelp, which can provide excessive amounts of iodine.

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