Bibo: Home Water Dispenser
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Say goodbye to your filter jug, and hello to BIBO – a revolutionary filtered water dispenser that offers both chilled and boiling water at the touch of a button. The sleek silver BIBO Classic not only makes a kettle unnecessary, it offers a stylish addition to the kitchen and can be chosen to complement endless interior schemes thanks to a wide choice of 10 on-trend shades.

No more costly, environmentally unsound mineral water, just a purse-friendly stream of pure H20 (BIBO’s national installation also makes set up a breeze). Here, we take a look at six potential benefits of swapping a glass of tap water for a filtered variety…

1. A good quality filter will remove the worst contaminants from your source water without removing the naturally occurring minerals critical for optimal health.

2. The most commonly used disinfectant in UK tap water is chlorine, used to kill bacteria. Many believe that its strong chemical component poses a risk to the cells in our bodies, with some medical specialists believing there’s even a link between cancer and chlorinated water. Filter your water, cut the potential risk.

3. According to DEFRA, lead pipes are becoming more uncommon, and, according to Thames Water the risks associated with them are particularly low in hard water areas like London (which prevents the breakdown of metal), but some experts believe that even low levels are toxic to the body.

4. Did you know an estimated 40% of bottled water is sourced from a municipal water supply? Considering many of these may not be filtered further, it means you’re essentially drinking from the tap. Three words: waste of money.

5. Convenience and cost are key – no need to store (or spend) on giant water bottles each time you drink, wash your vegetables or brush your teeth. It’s also eco-conscious (just think of all those supermarket air miles and plastic to be recycled). 

6. Finally, filtered water just tastes better - low levels of naturally occurring contaminants widely deemed safe (such as iron, sodium, sulfates and sediments) can mess around with the taste and smell of your tap water. Throw in a lime or swirl of cucumber for natural flavoured water with an extra boost of vitamins.


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