Inside Bonnie Michaels' Home |

Inside Bonnie Michaels' Home


Colourful, print-filled, and playful are words that best describe Bonnie and Chris Michaels' Edwardian abode in South London. We stepped inside their eclectic space for a home tour…

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 “I’m definitely more afraid to wear colour than I am to use it in my interior scheme,” says Bonnie, perched on an ornate Chinese silk stool in her vibrant sitting room, surrounded by pigment-rich adornment - a chilli red Persian rug, a violet-splashed canvas, and purple and pink hydrangea print curtains. “I usually dress in black so I never thought of myself as loving it, but I obviously do!” White and pale-hued walls (bar a coral swathe of wallpaper in the hallway) form the neutral backdrop to an artistic way with hues and patterns. The effect is cleverly uncluttered and decidedly calming. With such myriad shades in play, where did she begin?

The kitchen was really the starting point, and then every other room has been layered over time,” explains Bonnie, who was also initially inspired by lighting and fabrics, and by interior designers Barrie Benson and Anna Spiro. “Although I know what I like, I didn’t quite know how to explain my aesthetic, so I enlisted the help of a home decorator who gave me colour options. I also had a couple of e-consultations. Ultimately, you do all the leg work, but it’s great to have a sounding board for your ideas.” Keeping original features, like fireplaces, was paramount to the Texan native: “Coming from the US, living in London, I wanted to preserve the traditional elements.” Being firm has paid off, as has staying autonomous through the design process: “It’s nice to walk through my home and go ‘Hey, I didn’t think that would work, but it does, and that was my decision’.” 



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