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Lee Broom Lights

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Giving Tom Dixon a run for his money in the style stakes, Lee Broom’s old-meets-new lighting adds an elegant finishing touch to any room.

Combining industrial influences with decorative qualities – think crystal bulbs and vintage liquor decanters – the lights transform everyday fixtures into works of art, making them into everything from practical table lamps and hanging pendants through to majestic chandeliers. We like the look of a few single bulbs to light up a kitchen worktop or the antique effect lamps for a romantic ambience in the bedroom.

But whichever you choose; these are lights strictly for those with a finger firmly on the interior’s pulse...


Decanter Table Lamp, £595 | Lee Broom
Decanter Table Lamp, £595 | Lee Broom
Decanter Chandelier, £1,190 | Lee Broom
2W ES LED Crystal Bulb, £109 | Lee Broom
Decorative Bulb Chandelier, £985 | Lee Broom
Gold-Plated Crystal Bulb Table Lamp, £220 | Lee Broom
Crystal 24-Carat Gold Bulb Pendant, £239 | Lee Broom
Brass Square Decanter Light, £230 | Lee Broom