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Want to achieve that tell-tale glow associated with juicing but without the hassle of producing raw concoctions from home? SL has narrowed down the best high street spots to pick up a juice on-the-go. From standard supermarkets to dedicated nutrition-centric stop-offs, these are the no-fuss, no-mess ways to get you glowing from within.

Raw Juices On The Go


Paving the way for uncompromised juices, Coldpress’ range of speciality and vegetable drinks (we love the Pumpkin Power) are made using a cutting-edge scientific process that locks-in more taste and goodness than pasteurised ones. Grab one for yourself at Waitrose or the Co-Op.

Visit ColdPress.co.uk 

Raw Juices On The Go

Innocent Cold Pressed Juice

High street favourite Innocent don’t disappoint with their choice of beetroot and fresh greenery-packed juices that will have you well on your way to your five-a-day. Time to trade in that cappuccino in Starbucks...

Visit Starbucks.co.uk 


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