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Mined from ancient, unpolluted seabeds, Himalayan salt has usurped traditional sea salt as the seasoning of choice for the health conscious. Totally unrefined, with no additives, you can benefit most from it by drinking ‘sole’ – a mixture of water and crystal salt that detoxers swear by.

To make one yourself just fill a glass jar ¼ of the way with Himalayan Salt (either ground or in crystals) and fill it the rest of the way with filtered water. Add a plastic lid and shake it up, then leave it to sit overnight (you should always have some undissolved salt in the jar, this means the water is fully saturated, so add some more salt if necessary). 

Then each morning upon waking, take 1tsp. of sole, mix into some room temperature water and drink down to feel rejuvenated. Still not convinced? Read on to find out why it should be part of your morning routine. And don’t worry if ‘sole’ doesn’t sound like your thing, you can still sprinkle it onto your food as a healthier alternative to the usual white stuff.

  • Himalayan salt contains 84 essential minerals, including sulphate, magnesium, calcium, potassium and fluoride to keep your body in top condition.
  • A natural hypnotic, it will help you to have a better and deeper sleep by raising your oxytocin levels and calming you down.
  • It can help to lower and regulate blood pressure because it is absorbed into the bloodstream much more efficiently and more effectively than run-of-the-mill salt .
  • Got the sniffles? Himalayan salt will support your respiratory system, clear out catarrh and decongest sinuses. Swap your usual Morton’s for this next time you steam.
  • You can use it to flush out toxins from the body. Salt transfers them from healthy cells to the bloodstream, pushing them out of your system - perfect after an indulgent weekend.
  • It fosters healthy ph levels, balancing acid and alkaline in your body.
  • And...last but not least, it boosts bone strength and can prevent muscle cramps. 
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