Black Is the New Green: Charcoal Drinks |
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Move over green juices, black is where it’s at when it comes to health drinks these days. Leading the pack is Botanic Lab, whose charcoal-activated, game-changing beverage (yes, you heard us right) is currently being drunk by in-the-know healthies everywhere.

With its distinctive hue, this inky elixir contains activated charcoal and raw cane juice, both of which are poised to become mainstays of the cleanse ritual. A world away from its refined sugar cousin, raw cane juice is being touted as ‘the ultimate super-food’: alkalising, with a low glycaemic index and an abundance of essential vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, it helps keep the metabolism healthy and assists in maintaining a healthy weight, while activated charcoal is medically proven to purify the digestive system and is famed for its speedy ability to remove toxins from the body.

So whether you already lead an active lifestyle or have had a particularly heavy weekend, ISOTONIC1 is the juice to pick up next time you need to rehydrate. Just don’t be surprised if your colleagues take some convincing...


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