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It's no secret we all covet a Victoria's Secret-honed figure, which is why as soon as we heard about The Model Method, the latest workout to get editors and fitness fans alike talking, we knew we had to test it out...

What Is It? An innovative, results-driven workout that combines interval cardio sets with Reformer Pilates and weight training. Created by Hollie Grant, a Pilates instructor, each 1:1 session in her Kings Road-based studio combines the fat-burning power of HIIT (high intensity interval training) with body-sculpting Pilates, to create a lean, toned figure. 
Who Does It? Hollie is notoriously secretive about her clients, but models, beauty editors and our favourite healthy It-girl, Deliciously Ella are regularly spotted at the studio.
What Does It Involve? Each workout is designed for the individual’s own needs, but a typical session involves running on the treadmill to ensure you get up to your maximum heart rate, before moving into a structured programme of TRX (a workout method that utilises the person’s own body weight with the use of straps, instead of relying on regular gym machines), as well as HIIT and Reformer Pilates techniques.
What’s So Good About It? Promising to burn between 500 and 800 calories per session, the 1:1 nature of each class means there is no excuse for slacking. Hollie also mixes it up, ensuring you will never be bored – one second you are lunging on the TRX, the next doing box-burpees. It sounds tough, and it is.
What Are The Advantages? The sheer mixture of exercises means this workout gets results, fast. We’re not promising Victoria’s Secret-worthy abs and long-lean Gisele-esque legs after a few weeks (that’s mainly down to genetics), but you will definitely see results if you put the time in.
Why’s It So Different? It’s down to Hollie herself. Described by Sweaty Betty as “one of the best task masters on the London fitness scene”, don’t be mistaken by her angelic looks; she will ensure you work to the maximum, leaving the studio sore, sweaty and satisfied.
It’s Not Just A Quick Fix? In the words of Hollie herself “The Model Method is not a quick-fix, impulse option, it is about promoting a long-term lifestyle change that brings about sustainable fitness levels and a complete change in body attitude and health.”
It’s Not Just A Workout? Each session begins with a personal consultation with Hollie, whereby your body fat and essential stats are measured. You also wear a heart rate monitor throughout, meaning you are worked to the max.
The studio gets our vote too – it’s a comfortable, feminine place to train with flowers and inspirational quotes on the wall. Plus, a fridge filled with cold-pressed juice and healthy snacks for post-workout fuel.
Will We Be Going Back? For sure.

How Do I Get Involved? The Model Method takes place at Hollie's studio at 136-144 Kings Road, Fulham, though we hear a second studio and a team of trainers are in the works. Visit for more information.

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