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Women are often apprehensive about weights, imagining the results will mean more bulk up than tone up. Not so. We asked Helle Hammonds, Barry Bootcamp trainer and creator of GymClass London (read our review here), for five bona fide reasons why women should lift. 
1. Fat Loss
Resistance training i.e. lifting weights is the fastest and smartest way to burn fat. Gone are the days when people believed that the best way to burn fat was by running for hours and hours on a treadmill. Some girls still worry that lifting weights may bulk them up, but, as proven by many people including the Victoria's Secret models, resistance training with weights is the way forward to achieving a bikini body.
2. Harder bodies burn more calories
Lifting weights will increase strength and lean muscle mass, turning your body into a fat and calorie burning machine. 
3. It will sculpt your curves
We literally use weights as a sculptor would use a hammer and chisel to create their perfect vision. Resistance training through weights enables us to tighten, nip in and lift in all the right places.
4. Anti-ageing benefits
We all want to be fitter for longer and an important part of this for a woman is keeping your bones strong and healthy. As you age, you are at risk of losing both bone and muscle mass; lifting weights three times a week has been proven to help prevent bone loss and may even help build new bone.
5. Lifting could make you happier
We all know what it feels like when you walk out of a class and how amazing you feel once your workout is done. Researchers have consistently found that those who regularly strength-train tend to manage stress better and cope better in stressful situations. So girls, pick up those dumbbells!

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