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So we all know vitamins and minerals lend a massive hand in helping your body function at its best, but did you know that the time you take them during the day can both boost and diminish their effectiveness? If you’re keen to get the full benefit from your pill popping, follow our handy guide to what to take, when.




Iron, £13.59 | Holland & Barrett 

Iron is best taken on an empty stomach but not with a milky cup of tea or coffee  as calcium is a major inhibitor of iron absorption.

Vitamin B, £13.99 | Holland & Barrett

Vitamin B is great for upping your energy levels so take with breakfast to set your up for a sprightly day.

Vitamin C (250ml), £8.99 (was £17.99) | Holland & Barrett 

Vitamin C only lasts a few hours in the bloodstream, so take it steadily in doses, starting early in the morning.

Natural E Capsules, £8.99 | Holland & Barrett  

Essential for healthy skin and boosting the immune system, Vitamin E is best absorbed with dietary fats like milk in cereal, nuts, yoghurt or avocado.




CoEnzyme Q10, £16.27 (was £32.55) | Holland & Barrett 

Oil-based supplements like Co-Enzyme Q10 work harder with dietary fats too, and are best taken with a late breakfast or lunch to avoid them disrupting your sleep cycle.

Sea Kelp, £10.79 | Natures Garden 

Iodine cannot be stored within the body so a regular intake is needed. It’s also ideal for an energy boost, so take at midday when your levels start to slump.

Zinc Tablets, £8.29 | Holland & Barrett 

Zinc can cause nausea on an empty stomach, especially if taken with calcium or iron so save it for the afternoon.



Vitamin D3 Tablets, £8.99 (was £17.99) | Holland & Barrett

Vitamin D is best taken at the beginning of the afternoon as it can have negative effects on your sleeping pattern. 

Vitamin K2 Capsules, £12.99 | Holland & Barrett 

Vitamin K2 is most effective when taken in conjunction with Vitamin D, so take them in tandem.

Omega 3 Fish Oil, £19.99 | Holland & Barrett 

Fish Oil should be taken with an evening meal to aid absorption.

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