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Whether you’re bored of your usual breakfast options or want added incentive to get into the office early, we’ve found the answer in the form of Oats + Chia, the dairy-free, gluten-free oatmeal porridge that’s ready in just two minutes.

Made with sun-ripened chia, wholegrain oats, real fruit and virgin coconut oil, they come in a trio of delectable flavours (choose from Apple, Banana & Mango or our favourite, Mixed Berry) so you’ll never get bored and have the same creamy texture as your staple porridge without the bad stuff.

Eat alone for an energy-boosting, fibre-packed start to the day at home or al desko, or top your flavour of choice (just add hot water and stir) with warm berries, peanut butter or sunflower seeds to pimp up your porridge. Never has there been a better way to perk up Mondays. 


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