Colour Contouring: 2015’s Hottest New Hair Trend |
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What: Colour Contouring at Charles Worthington

Where: The flagship Percy Street salon – a state-of-the-art beauty spot where exceptional colour is equalled by razor-sharp cuts.

What Makes It Different: Masterminded by Art Team Director Marc Trinder (stylist to the likes of Poppy Delevingne and general hair wunderkind), the new contouring service promises to change the shape of your face using a combination of colour paint-on and micro-lights. Similar to contouring with makeup, this technique is all about creating shadows and depth, either to the entire face or specific areas, and is set to usurp the ombre and dip-dye trends of 2014.

The Service: After a welcome round of salmon blinis and pink champagne bellinis (don’t mind if I do) I’m whisked downstairs to the Colour Zone where I chat in detail about my current shade and face shape. I’m diagnosed as an oval/square (the same as Jennifer Aniston and Natalie Portman: I’m in good company then) so it’s suggested I have multi-tonal layers of light and dark colour applied to all corners of my face; around the jaw line and around the temples. This softens any hard lines and creates depth and texture, even to the sharpest of haircuts.

Face shape diagnosed, it’s on to the colour... A chart is whipped out and placed under my chin; a spectrum of buttercup yellow through to cool violet reflect light onto my face and confirm what I've known for years: 'warm' shades make me look anaemic. I sit there silently pondering why colourists have long insisted on splicing my tresses with golden brown. Marc suggests a cooler, classier-looking blonde that he plans to blend in through the back, removing some of the ‘steppiness’ created by only ever having a half head of highlights (genius) and plans to cut in some layers to blend my grown-out fringe into the rest of my hair.

The result: The bottom half of my face appears slimmer, my locks look more balanced and the colour is ashy, natural and polished - just as I’d hoped. My skin tone is illuminated and the cut feels fresh and modern with minimal upkeep – ideal. Like many blondes, I'm continually searching for the ultimate colour service and I think I may have found the holy grail. Now all I need to do is book in for my next appointment with the talented Mr Trinder. I may need to get the diary out well in advance - this is a man seriously in demand.

Prices from £85.


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