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It may come as no surprise that most of us aren’t even getting half the fruit and veg we need in a day so we enlisted the help of Abel & Cole's food editor, Rachel de Thample author of Five: 150 Effortless Ways To Eat 5+ Fruit & Veg A Day, to come to the rescue with five effortless and mouth-watering ways to up your 5-a-day. Eating well has never sounded easier...

1. One+Two+Two = FIVE.
Have a piece of fruit with your breakfast, two portions of veg with lunch and two for dinner. That’s the easiest way to ensure you get at least five packed into your day.

2. Snacking.
Divert your attention from crisps to crunchy radishes, sweet cherry tomatoes, refreshing slices or batons of cucumber or celery sticks, purple sprouting or Tenderstem broccoli spears, freshly podded peas and broad beans instead. Always try to have at least three different snacking vegetables in the fridge, washed and ready to nibble for when you crave something crunchy.



3. Dig Dips.
Try to have a jam jar of salad dressing or dip to make the aforementioned snacking veg a bit more tempting. Rachel’s favourite is her Zingy Tahini Dressing with tahini, fresh orange juice & zest, olive oil, a drop of soy sauce a salty hit and a pinch of chilli for heat.


4. Blend it. Juice it.
Souping, juicing and smoothie-ing are the easiest way to knock back a mountain of energizing, skin-glowing veg. Try to pepper your day with soups, smoothies and juices. They’re amazing, hydrating snacks that have hardly any calories, yet deliver loads of nutrients. Rachel recommends her Moroccan Beetroot Soup with Mint Labneh, her Tropical Kale Juice (kale & pineapple), and the Keralan Sunrise Smoothie (ripe mango, fresh turmeric and coconut milk). All simple, colourful and they make you feel amazing.


5.  Go Fruity with Puds. 

How boring would life be without puds? Steer clear of too many refined sugars but embrace fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth. Not only does your sugar-itch get scratched, but you also get a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. Rachel’s favourite fruity pud: Honey Blossom Peaches.


Five: 150 Effortless Ways, £14.99 | Rachel De Thample



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