How To Train Like A Viking |

Training like a Viking sounds weird, right? Hear us out. Nicole Scherzinger and Suki Waterhouse are big fans of this Nordic way of exercising, which aims to give you a toned, lean physique. 

Keen to try but unsure how to start? We asked Svava Sigbertsdottir, founder of The Viking Method - high intensity classes held outside in the cold air - for five ways to introduce some Scandi into your fitness regime...

1. Use your whole body in a functional way.
Do not go from machine to machine in a gym. Use free weights and your own bodyweight instead. Do compound exercises (working more than one muscle group at a time), as this will work your body in a powerful way and get better results too. Sweat, be out of breath, be uncomfortable – it’s not about looking good in the gym, it’s about getting the most out of exercise and your ability. Training should make you feel strong, tight, worked-out with energy and life pumping through your body.

2.  Work every fibre of your being to its absolute max.
Train yourself to steer-clear of half-hearted attempts when it comes to working-out. If you reach the last few reps or the last few seconds with anything less than pain and full exhaustion, you are not working hard enough, and in turn, won’t see results. We all have so much power within us and no one should go through life without feeling and activating that power. 

3. Eat to fuel. 

Eat for the highest survival both physically and mentally. You cannot put harmful things in your body all the time and then be surprised that you do not function properly. Getting through the day just fine is not a goal, but being a person full of unbelievable energy, mentally alert, quick and strong and physically capable of absolutely anything is what you should aim for.

If you have a sweet tooth or love bakery foods or pizzas, pick your battles. I love all of those. So I treat myself to both each week and truly enjoy it as I eat properly for the rest of the time. 

4. Sleep well.
You should choose quality over quantity when it comes to sleep. Do not go to bed stressed-out, which means not watching TV, browsing the Internet or doing work right before you drift off. If possible, try not to have a TV in your bedroom, go to bed before midnight and have no sugar 90 minutes before bedtime. The first hour after you fall asleep is the time where your growth hormone and other great hormones are the most active, carbs before bed ruins that activation.

5. Train for actions, not for looks. 
In the Viking Method, as said, we train for power, agility, for inner and outer strength, for confidence; mental and physical. We do not train to impress others, we train to impress ourselves. But it should always remain fun - that shift will make an unbelievable change. To focus on your performance; setting goals like being able to do 10 jumpy press ups or managing doing the wheelbarrow for 30 seconds and then conquering these goals, fills you with pride and makes you see that you can do anything.

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