Beauty Editor Approved Haircare |

When it comes to haircare Bumble and Bumble know their stuff. It’s no surprise then that the Purely Perfect Foundation Crème, created by B&B founder Michael Gordon, is causing something of a stir among beauty editors.

So why the buzz? A highly concentrated, leave-in conditioner, it’s a bona fide multi-tasker that can replace the reams of hair products that are probably gathering dust on your dresser. With its blend of rosehip, evening primrose oil (and an added dose of glycerine) it will not only condition your scalp and hair, but can be used to style it too, regardless of if you have straight, curly or frizzy locks.

Work in into damp hair to detangle or finger-style, apply a couple of pumps and blow-dry or put some in overnight to revamp tired looking tresses. Definitely one to add to the shopping list...


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