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Anything that makes life easier gets our thumbs up cue a plethora of under-the-radar gizmos that you’ll wonder how you lived without.

StickNFind, £49.99  | Firebox 

Car keys, remote, purse... The list of things one frequently misplaces goes on and on. The genius StickNFind saves you the trial of having to spend the whole day searching for said item – just place the tiny Bluetooth stickers on whatever you tend to lose, load the app on your phone and it will tell you its location. 

Weigh Me Travel Scales, £9.99 | Go Travel 

Take the trauma out of weighing your luggage before a trip with the Go Travel Scales. Compact, light and accurate, there’s a lock on the scale to make it easy to read after removing it from the luggage.

Grid It, £13.75 | Amazon 

Perfect for those who want to be more organised when travelling, Grid It has elastic straps to keep all your most precious items firmly in place within your handbag, backpack or tote. Use it to keep a handle on digital cameras, iPods and phone chargers, and finally put an end to rummaging around to find what you’re looking for.

Tan SafeFool, £7.99  | Firebox 

Those holiday thieves will blaze right past this faux sun tan lotion that doubles as a watertight keep-safe for all your valuable items. Use it when you hit the beach and you’ll never worry about your money being stolen again.

Soap Dispenser, £19 | Joseph Joseph 

Joseph and Joseph have done it again with their unique soap dispenser design that can be pushed with the back of one hand, keeping the top of the pump-head clean and hygienic. We wish we’d thought of it first...

Car Glasses Clip, £4  | Bobino

Save yourself digging around in your bag for your sunnies or prescription glasses and use this handy glasses clip, so they’re within reach in the car at all times.

Zapi Toothbrush Sanitisers, £24.99 | Firebox 

If you’re guilty of using a bog standard cup as your toothbrush holder, upgrade it for the seriously cool Zapi option. Not only is nice to look at, it will clean you brush with UV light, eradicating 99.9% of the germs that harbour in it.

Farfalloni Pot Grips, £12 | Luckies 

These pot grips won’t just convert your plain old pot handles into something much cooler, but the silicone material will also keep your hands from burning.

Cord Wrap Small Assorted, £2 | Bobino 

These cords are small enough to keep in your bag or pocket and are a must-have for those who always face the horrible task of trying to untangle their headphones.

Ice Balls, £10 | Prepara

Regular party-hosters will love these giant ice balls that can be filled with everything from fruits to mint leaves, basil and more to create new and exciting way to enjoy drinks. Yes they’re just ice balls but they’re so cool (pun intended).

Hairbrush Cleaner, £11  | Philip B 

Extend the life of your hairbrush with this nifty cleaner that removes build up and trapped hair from the base of the brush. Its stainless steel spike-like rods work on all bristle types making it easy to remove everything that is tangled up in your hairbrush.

Good Grips Electronic Cleaning Brush, £6 | OXO

If your keyboard is filled with random pieces of rubbish and debris from eating al desko, this electronic cleaning brush is definitely worth investing in. Its slim design is perfect for getting into all the nooks and crannies...

Long Life Milk Portable Chargers, £14.99 | Firebox 

Charge your phone on-the-go with this milk carton-shaped portable device that packs plenty of juice, and can be used to boost your other electronic devices too.

Clothes Shaver, £8 | John Lewis 

Give your knitwear a new lease of life with John Lewis’ ingenious clothes shaver. Use firmly on clothes that are laid on a flat surface to remove bobbles and restore just-bought looks to your favourite jumpers, cashmere cardigans and more.

Slim Pen, £5 | Bobino 

Ever needed a pen and not had one to hand, or had your bag ruined by stray ink from a cheap biro? Bobino’s slim pen solves two problems in one fell swoop – only 4mm thick it can be stuck securely to the inside of your diary or notebook and slids off when you’re ready to write. Genuis.

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