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Who doesn’t love an avocado? When we asked our Leading Ladies which healthy food ingredients they swear by, pretty much all of them came back and said avocado. So, we took their lead and rounded up our favourite ways to enjoy the ultimate superfood. From baked eggs in avocados to avo pesto and courgetti, to rich, healthy desserts; here are 22 ways to work your avocado harder in the kitchen.

"I think I put away an avocado a day; every morning I’ll drink a super greens powder and Pukkaaloe vera water (followed by a coffee – not so healthy – from Everbean or Kaffeine in Mayfair). And Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt is my vice.”
Francesca White, Beauty Editor Tatler Magazine 

“Avocado, salmon, coconuts, tahini, almond butter, nut milk, berries, lemons and sweet potato.”
Danielle Copperman, Model & Nutritionist Model Mange Tout

“Avocado, coconut oil, garlic, raw cacao, greens in all their variety.”
Eve Kalinik, Nutritional Therapist Eve Kalinik 

“It has to be Avocados, coconuts, blueberries, almonds and greens in general.”
Calgary Avansino, Health Writer & British Vogue Contributing Editor Calgary Avansino 

“Oats, avocado, blueberries, nuts and honey.”
Leonora Bamford, Blogger My Baba

“Lemon, avocado, coconut oil, E3live and fresh turmeric.”
Natasha CorrettFounder & Creator of Honestly Healthy 

“My favourites would have to be green tea, apples, brazil nuts, chicken, salmon, kale, ginger, onions and avocados.”
Lily SimpsonFounder of The Detox Kitchen

“My everyday go-to foods are salmon, avocado, spinach, eggs and salads and fruit.”
Paola Di Lanzo, Founder of Paola's BodyBarre  

“Avocado, sweet potato, raw chocolate, coconut water, nuts, and manuka honey for fighting colds.”
Sadie Macleod, Editor of Hip & Healthy

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“Dried kale in the dehydrator, mashed avocado with scrambled eggs and essential CHILLI sauce, I’m addicted, the hotter the better.”
Jenny Halpern PrinceFounder of Halpern PR

“Avocados, kale and nitrate-free and pastured bacon (yes, it’s healthy).”
Niki Rein, Founder of Barrecore

“So many, but avocado, salmon, almonds, bee pollen, coconut water, coconut oil and eggs are all top of the list.”
Madeleine Shaw, Nutritional Health Coach & Blogger 

“Avocado, papaya, chia seeds and olive oil.”
Serena Cook, Founder of Ibiza Concierge Company Deliciously Sorted 

“I pretty much drink hot water lemon and ginger all day long. Each day I’ll have the Grace breakfast smoothie packed with almond milk, almond butter, vanilla powder, avocado, blueberries, manuka honey – it keeps me going and on the run.  And I’ll always have goats cheese, avocado, humus, Food Doctor pitta breads  in my fridge when I don't have time to cook properly."
Kate Percival, Founder of Grace Belgravia 

“Blueberries, sweet potatoes and avocados.”
Hilary Gilbert, Founder of BOOM Cycle

“Avocado, blueberries, green tea, quinoa, and any greens.”
Tamara Arbib, Founder & CEO of Rebel Kitchen 

“Avocado on toast is my go-to.”
Heidi Gosman, Co-Founder of Heidi Klein

“Avocado on spelt bread with poached eggs!"
Sofia Barattieri, Co-Founder of Motilo

“Avocado all day long! Other than that, I love Bananas, Medjool dates, Almonds (and almond butter!), sashimi and cucumber."
Anneli Bush, Blogger What I Bought Today

“I have to pick three: dates with almond butter, homemade hummus and avocados.”
Ella Woodward, Blogger & Author Deliciously Ella 


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