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Beat The 4pm Slump: Myprotein Snacks

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When your day is jam-packed, it’s all too easy to forget to plan ahead and ensure you eat well. When you’re constantly on the go or stuck at your desk for much of the day and hunger kicks in no wonder we reach for calorific chocolates and biscuits.

Step in Myprotein, who cater for the 3pm slump, the post-gym hunger pang or the no-time-for-lunch need with high protein alternatives that leave you fuller for longer. Their selection of healthy snack ideas can be popped in your handbag on the way to the gym or stashed in a desk drawer for quick and easy pick-me-ups that ensure you stay full and focused all day long plus help bolster your recommended daily protein intake. 

From protein bites and puffs to nut butters through to sweet treats like virtuous cookies and zero-sugar low carbohydrate bars, the range of healthy, portable eats will keep you happy and nourished when you’re time-poor. We're particularly fans of the new My Bar Zero in Chocolate containing a massive 20g protein and less than 200 calories. 

Feeling Hungry? Nab yourself some nibbles of your choice (Myprotein are offering 25% OFF using code SL25) and transform your handbag into the ultimate health partner. 


Almond Butter, £10.99 | Myprotein 

Brazil Nuts, £6.99 | Myprotein

Chocolate Protein Balls, £12.99 | Myprotein 

Omega Seed Mix, £3.99 | Myprotein 

 Protein Bites Multipack, £3.59 (were £5.99) | Myprotein 

Protein Porridge, £12.99 | Myprotein

 Protein Chox, £18.99 | Myprotein 

Cashew Butter, £10.99 | Myprotein 

BBQ Protein Puffs, £12.99  | Myprotein 

Cashews, £6.99 | Myprotein

 Protein Pudding, £8.99 | Myprotein 

Natural Nuts (Walnut Halves), £7.29 | Myprotein 

Protein Cookie, £16.99 | Myprotein 

Protein Crispies, £9.99 | Myprotein 

Peanut Butter, £5.99 | Myprotein 

Protein Wafers, £14.99 | Myprotein