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  • METcore At Form Studios
  • METcore At Form Studios
  • METcore At Form Studios
  • METcore At Form Studios

Gone are the days when dynamic Pilates simply meant an hour on a reformer. Claiming to offer anti-ageing, fat-burning and muscle-toning benefits, METcore is the latest Pilates-based workout to hit the capital, with a promise to make you sweat…

What Is It? The brainchild of celebrity fitness instructors Elissa Elhadj and Jeremy Abadom (former clients include Victoria’s Secret Model Alessandra Ambrosio); METcore combines the strength training of Pilates and Yoga with HIIT (high intensity interval training) for a full body workout.

METcore are the first to offer workouts using MOTR in the UK, which is a tube-like piece of equipment much like a foam roller but with the addition of extension arms to work your core harder than before. Imagine Pilates movement using equipment described by the experts as ‘a personal trainer in a tube’.
Who Goes? Instagram has been filled from shots of various Beauty Editor’s including Tatler’s Francesca White working out at the studio.

What To Expect? Each signature, 50-minute workout begins with Pilates on the MOTR followed by a Super 8 blast, featuring 8 minutes of HIIT training (40 seconds working to the maximum with 20 seconds rest) following a circuit of kettlebells, TRX and ski jumps – in short, be prepared for serious calorie burn.

Why’s It Different? Try to balance on the MOTR with any grace and you will find your core muscles working harder than ever before. Elissa has combined Pilates with the best of HIIT in this small eight person class to sculpt a lean, toned physique worthy of LA’s finest.

What Are The Advantages? According to Elissa, this is better than any face cream for anti-wrinkle benefits as “METcore encourages your body and brain to produce powerful anti-ageing biochemicals that combat inflammation and oxidative stress, two forces that dramatically accelerate ageing.”

Anything Else? Designed for busy Londoners, each class is designed as a one-stop shop. The combination of movements improves core strength, stamina, flexibility and balance, whereas the HIIT is great for fat burn.

How Do I Get Involved? Continuing with the boutique fitness trend taking London by storm, Form Studios offers a variety of pay-as-you-go packages, with every first class free for new visitors.