Foods That Keep You Up At Night |

Foods That Keep You Up At Night

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With 70% of women claiming they experience difficulty sleeping and a staggering ten million sleeping pill prescriptions written out each year, it's safe to say we Brits are not the best at drifting off into a peaceful slumber. This week is Sleep Awareness Week, and have highlighted six foods that may be contributing to you not getting enough shut-eye. Read on for a checklist of what to avoid (yes, coffee is in there) and what to swap them for. Click here to read the full article.

Foods That Keep You Up At Night

Fried Food

Foods that are high in fat – we’re talking chips, crisps and anything else deep fried (hello, French fries) are not only bad for your weight, they can disrupt your sleep cycle, too.

Swap for: Edamame beans are high in magnesium, and have been shown to improve the quality of sleep in insomnia patients. Plus, they’re ideal for late night movie snacking.