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Beat The Slump: Bootea Shakes

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If you’re trying your best to stay slim but find your 4pm slump has you caving in, try distracting yourself with Bootea Shakes instead.

An intense mix of natural ingredients – glucomannan, green tea and a vitamin B mix are crammed in – they’re a great source of fibre and leave you feeling fuller for longer, keep your mind off snacking and help you eat fewer calories. Just add a sachet to water and shake to create a fruity tasting drink that you can glug pre or post exercise or in-between meals to stop your tummy grumbling.

Not only does it taste scrummy, it can potentially help you lose a few pounds, all for under £30. Still not convinced? Just look to their Instagram before and afters for proof.


Bootea Shake, £29.99 | Bootea