Richard Ward Hair Collection |

Richard Ward Hair Collection

On speed dial for the Duchess of Cambridge and countless A-listers, it's no surprise that celebrity hairstylist Richard Ward's own bangs brands are seriously stellar. 
His new range has just dropped at John Lewis and is full of styling heroes that are equally well-priced (£5.99 each to be exact) and allow you to get princess-worthy tresses at home. We’ll be snapping up the Argan oil-packed elixir which helps to fortify and ‘age-proof’ hair, restoring lustre and boosting thickness, as well as the Bulking Spritz – full of hair’s natural protein to help re-build fibres and give locks more body. Snap up the selection for A-list locks without even having to step into his Chelsea salon.   

Argan Anti-Ageing Conditioner, £5.99 | Richard Ward

Argan Anti-Ageing Elixir, £5.99 | Richard Ward

Sleek Shampoo, £5.99 | Richard Ward

Argan Anti-Ageing Mousse, £5.99 | Richard Ward

Argan Anti-Ageing Shampoo, £5.99 | Richard Ward

Bulking Spritz, £5.99 | Richard Ward

Styling Spray, £5.99 | Richard Ward

Volume Conditioner, £5.99 | Richard Ward

Volume Shampoo, £5.99 | Richard Ward