The Secret To A Year Round Glow |

The Secret To A Year Round Glow


There are facial tanners and then there are facial tanners. And since we got our hands on Sisley’s cult product, nothing else has quite matched up.  It’s the natural faux, glow-giver that countless beauty editors swear by. Don’t believe us? Just read the testimonials from SL’s leading ladies...

Jemima Goldsmith, co-founder of Tart London cites it as one of her “must-have” skincare products; Susannah Taylor, Editor-In-Chief & Co-Founder of Get The Gloss says "I love Sisley’s self tan as it doesn’t make you orange” – good to know; while Francesca White, Beauty Editor at Tatler testifies, “It’s pricey but it gives the most natural, most fabulously convincing colour. I couldn't survive winter without it."

Freshly fragranced, it gives a golden glow within two hours of application with no irksome streaking, plus comes enriched with active ingredients that moisturise your skin as you wear it and enhance a tan once you have it. So whether you want to fake some spring colour or want to feel prepped for the first day of your holiday (without feeling tangoed), this industry favourite is one to add to the shopping list, asap. True, it’s expensive, but a little goes a long way and you’ll never find a facial tan that lives up.


The Secret To A Year Round Glow

Self Tanning Hydrating Facial Skin Care, £83.50 | Sisley