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Supplements Vs Food

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Supplements Vs Food

We all know eating a well-balanced diet is one of the key aspects to staying healthy, but don’t underestimate the importance of supplements, too – a fuss-free and useful way to fill the gaps in your food regime. Whether you’re already an avid vitamin and mineral taker or are a slight sceptic, take a peek at this handy guide, which proves supplements are worth taking when you see how much goodness is in them, especially in comparison to the amount of food you would need to consume to get the same effects. Adjust your healthy add-ons accordingly to get your body functioning at its best.

5 x 200mg tablets of caffeine = 13 Starbucks espressos

6 x 500mg tablets of glutamine = 88 raw spinach leaves
3 x 500mg capsules of leucine = 3 large raw eggs
3 x 500mg tablets of calcium = 2.2 pints of milk
2x 400mg capsules of choline = 2 large cauliflower heads

3 x 85mg capsules of cranberry = 12.6 fresh cranberries
3 x 30mg of co q10 = 100 blackcurrants

Supplements Vs Food

2 x 200mg tablets of Echinacea = 1600mg of Echinacea/plant root
1 x 800mcg tablet of folate = 97 raw asparagus spears
2 x 200mg tablets of green tea = 12 cups of green tea
1 x 15mg tablet of iron = 3 324g blocks of tofu
1 x 250mg tablet of magnesium = 32 raw spinach leaves
1 x 5mg capsule of melatonin = 131, 857 sour cherries

Supplements Vs Food
1 x 100mg tablet of niacin = 275 small raw white mushrooms
3 x 1000mg capsules of omega-3 = 3 cups of caviar
1 x 200mcg tablet of selenium = 11.2 hard-boiled eggs

2 x 334mg tablets of St John’s Wort = 4676mg of St Jon’s Wort plant
1 x 2,400mcg capsule of vitamin A = 16 medium sized carrots
2 x 100mg tablet of vitamin B2 (riboflavin) = 200 packs of brie

Supplements Vs Food
1 x 500mg caplet of vitamin B5 = 250 avocados
1 x 1,000mcg tablet of vitamin b12 = 79 fillets of salmon
1 x 1,000mg tablet of vitamin c = 12 oranges
1 x 25mcg tablet of vitamin = 22 oysters
1 x 671 capsule of vitamin e = 559 kiwi fruit
1 x 100mcg capsule of vitamin k = 3 brussel sprouts
1 x 25mg tablet of zinc = 2.5 king crab legs