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Restaurant: Nama Foods
Where is it: Notting Hill, London.
Opened: March 2014.            
The concept: Aiming to blow away the common misconception that a raw, vegan diet is limited, London’s only ‘artisan raw food restaurant,’ offers healthy twists on comfort food favourites from pizza to cheesecake.
What kind of food: Everything on Nama’s menu is 100 per cent meat, wheat, dairy and gluten-free, as well as being vegan, organic and unprocessed – sound joyless? Wait till you see the menu.

Who goes: Everyone’s favourite healthy It girl Deliciously Ella has named Nama one of her favourite restaurants, but Notting Hill’s style set regularly Instagram their healthy eats from there.
The interiors: Unlike other raw food eateries, Nama is light, airy and spacious with large white tables and an open bar area complete with smoothies galore.
Hero Dishes: The Lasagne Verdure a completely raw, pasta-free alternative was recently named by the Evening Standard as one of London’s best vegan dishes.
We tried: To start a delicious Cheese Board with a vegan twist – the cheese is made from nuts and the crackers dehydrated nuts and seeds. For the main course a creamy Thai Curry with kohlrabi Rice, Raw Chilli complete with Corn Chips – we dare you to guess this was meat-free. And to finish we tried a surprisingly sweet board filled with an array of vegan desserts, including authentic-tasting Mince Pie and delicious Blueberry Cheesecake.  
Anything unusual: Want to try going raw at home? Nama not only offer an extensive takeaway menu, they also run raw food courses in everything from how to make Chocolate to Fermentation Made Easy.
And the drinks: More juice than cocktails, Nama do serve wine but the sheer variety will ensure you’re more than happy to stay teetotal. Smoothies such as the After Eight and Chocolate Heaven taste better than any milkshake. 
Best for: A dinner where you want to indulge without the guilt.
Our favourite thing about it was: With its artful presentation and bright colours, the food here is just made for Instagram. 
What made it unique to them: Proving that raw and vegan needn’t mean tasteless, Nama’s twists on comfort food favourites will ensure you leave more than satisfied.
The Small Print (any cons). The very fact that the food is raw means nothing is cooked at high temperatures. Don’t expect a hearty,warming dish or hot, steaming bowl of comfort food.