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How To Make Your Bedroom More Cosy

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How To Make Your Bedroom More Cosy

Whether your bedroom is a grand space or a neat little nook, ensure it’s the cosiest place it can be with these top tips from interior designer Sophie Paterson. From getting the pillows just right to snugly home accessories and finishing touches, these helpful tips will have you drifting off into a sweet slumber in no time.

Always use four pillows on the bed – this will not only make the bed a haven of comfort but it’ll dress the bed well too. Choose pillows with various fillers too, so that if you have guests staying they will be able to find one to their preference.

On a double bed or anything larger, use super king size pillows as they will mask that unsightly gap between the pillow and the bed cover when you make it in the morning.

A bedspread is a must, not only does it provide extra warmth for the colder months but if your sheets are anything less than perfectly ironed it will ensure the bed still looks perfectly neat on top. The John Lewis silk throw below ticks all the boxes for cosy luxe at a purse friendly price.

We spend a large chunk of our lives in bed so it makes sense to buy the very best one you can afford. Savoir Beds and Feather & Black both make excellent mattresses.

Mattress Topper
The ultimate in cosiness, a mattress topper provides that all important additional layer of pillowy softness and will help you get a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. John Lewis and MitreForHome have some of the best.

Bedside Tables
If you have space invest in an oversized bedside table – if you don’t have much space to play with choose a deeper bedside table instead. They are great for storing all your stuff away in the drawers and have lots of room on top to display a small vase of flowers, a candle, alarm clock and anything else you might need to make your bedroom cosy.
Monogrammed linen is the ultimate touch of luxury in a bedroom and LB linen does the best. The herringbone, taupe bordered linen is a classic style that will never date.
If you have wooden floors a rug for under your bed is a must – silky textures work well for an extra touch of luxury every morning when you get up.

Headboards and wallpaper create a real cocooning feel in a bedroom, it's all about layering up the textures and luxury in a bedroom. have a wide selection of the aforementioned headboards, while Cole & Son do great wallpapers.

Dark Wall Colours
Dark wall colours feel so much warmer and cocooning than a bright space. Dark doesn't have to mean masculine  dark aubergine and charcoal grey are the perfect gender neutral shade to ensure it feels appropriate for men and women. Victorian Purple by Zoffany is an ideal shade to start with – it’s the perfect hue of greyish purple which always looks uber luxurious and dramatic wherever you put it. Also worth trying is SL’s favourite warm grey shade Slate IV from Paint & Paper.

Table lamps work best in 5 amps (so that they’re dimmable), but make sure both sides of the bed have an easy-to-reach switch otherwise it can be irritating for whoever is left to switch off the lights. For a flattering and cosy light opt for lamp shades that are lined in fabric or a gold card which will give off a warmer light. If traditional table lamps aren’t your bag try pendant lights hung low on either side of the bed - they have a distinctly cool yet tranquil vibe, just opt for smaller fixtures with a long extension.

Floor to Ceiling Curtains
Literally block out the rest of the world, cocooning you as you sleep.

Pop a chair in the corner of the room for a cosy living room meets boudoir feel. 


Balmoral Headboard, Double, Parchment, £899 | John Lewis

Sheepskin Quad, £179 | John Lewis

Grosvenor Headboard, Double, Mercury, £699 | John Lewis

Crystal 24 Carat Gold Bulb Pendant, £239 | Lee Broom

Cluster Fibre Mattress Topper, From £60 | John Lewis

Lattice Throw, £175 | Harlequin