New Designer: Chiara Ferragni |

New Designer: Chiara Ferragni


Chiara Ferragni, AKA The Blonde Salad, has become an internet sensation. She’s a model, a designer a style celeb and has even been immortalised as a Simpsons character, thanks to her passion for fashion and her innate style, showcased on her globally followed daily feeds. Her latest shoe collection comprises a range of flats that are full of tongue-in-cheek charm and whimsicality.

The collection consists of a cohesive mix of sandals, espadrilles and loafers, but it’s the glittery range of slippers that really shine. Maximalists are sure to love the sparkly primary shades and playful, slightly surreal detailing (think winking eye embellishment and patent lipstick-stamped toes), replete with metallic piping. This is one blogger-turned-designer giving Charlotte Olympia a run for her money.    


Flirting, £160.60 | Chiara Ferragni

Make-Up, £124.85 | Chiara Ferragni

Flirting, £124.85 | Chiara Ferragni

Hollywood, £155 | Chiara Ferragni

Makeup, £125.21 | Chiara Ferragni

Joanne, £125.21 | Chiara Ferragni

Pop Corn & Coke, £139.19 | Chiara Ferragni

Flirting, £124.85 | Chiara Ferragni

Makeup, £139.19 | Chiara Ferragni