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Struggling to train post-injury or simply lacking the motivation to workout? If you thought personal training was all shouting and army major types, then think again, we’ve found a new type of PT session to get you fitter, rid you of any aches and pains, and help to recover previous injuries - without a treadmill in sight.

The Lowdown: Tucked away down a Covent Garden side street is Six3Nine Personal Training, where there is not a traditional piece of cardio equipment in sight (no treadmills or cross trainers here). Instead, expect a large studio space with circles and lines painted on the floor and kettle bells, free weights and other equipment set our around the room’s edge.

The ‘fitness secret of a select few,’ each session is one-to-one with a personal trainer, who examines in detail your medical, diet and fitness history before creating a routine which will iron out any niggles for good.

The Session: Don’t expect to head into Six3Nine and immediately be doing countless burpees and squats. Before getting down to a serious work out, you'll have a sit down with a personal trainer to talk through any previous issues from twisted ankles to tight muscles. Following this, you'll find yourself on a medical-grade body composition machine which measures your body fat, BMI and muscle mass using electrical sensors. A bit scary sounding we know, but expect to find out everything from your body fat composition in different areas to the percentage of fat mass to tissue. Next up: diet. Six3Nine promotes a healthy balanced diet with plenty of protein without a low calorie snack in sight alongside protein you'll be encouraged to eat  healthy fats in order to replenish muscles.

The Workout: After having everything from your current training regime to your diet analysed, you will then try a one-to-one session like never before. Our personal trainer, a former gymnast, immediately proved he knows what he’s talking about – by simply watching the way we were standing he could tell that we put more pressure on our right leg than our left, and noticed that our hips and hamstrings were considerably tight.

The workout is designed to correct any existing issues before getting on to the serious cardio. Before you are allowed to even attempt a burpee the trainers are determined to retrain your body to do the basics properly. We spent an hour learning how to squat, lunge and press up correctly; with endless repetitions until we got it right (the experts here are very patient and encouraging which keeps you going). Think you know how to squat? Well be prepared to be proved wrong, these experts can tell you within seconds why your workout isn’t working... and even better they can correct it.

The Verdict: As our trainer informed us, this certainly isn’t a quick-fix. Don’t expect to lose pounds or tone-up in the first week, this workout is for the long-term. This is a results-driven practice aiming to get your body to its ultimate form, creating a lean, toned figure whilst correcting any injuries and improving technique to ensure you stay fit and healthy. Think of an initial Six3Nine session as a much-needed fitness MOT, you may not leave with serious calorie burn, but believe us when we say you will ache the next day. Plus, we have been assured that once every niggle has been ironed out, your trainer will more than make up for any initial ease. 

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